Thursday, September 01, 2005


I’m so terribly shocked by the news of hurricane Katrina that hit the Gulf Coast area the other day. The devastating damage in Mississippi and Louisiana, where I don’t hesitate to call my second home.... It really hurts to watch the hurricane-related news on TV with the death toll rising each time. I’m worried about my friends there who I lost touch with long time ago...

SEP. 7, 2005

This afternoon I went to the shopping mall -- the one and only shopping mall in Kochi-- and donated a little amount of money for Katrina victims.

If you are in Kochi and want to make a donation for those suffering in the Gulf Coast area but don’t want to do it online for some reason, they are collecting donations at EAON Kochi shopping mall, at the "service counter" on the second floor.

(I wanted to take a picture of the donation box to post here, but they said I would need a special permission for that and it would take some time, so I gave up.)
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Katrina really did some horrible damage to lives and property. We are all saddened and shocked. Mother nature is a powerful force and no matter how prepared , one can never know her strength until it happens. 

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I heard that now they have a donation box at a shopping mall in Kochi for Katrina victims in the U.S. I'm going to make a donation in a few days... after Nabi's gone. 

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