Sunday, July 24, 2005


I’m not sure what this should be called… even in Japanese. I often call it “heat rash” but maybe technically it is not. “It” means the skin problem I have every summer from working at the hot and humid Izakaya kitchen. The place is air-conditioned… or more precisely, there is a duct coming into the kitchen which brings a little bit cool air in. One privileged person who can stand right underneath the duct can enjoy the subtle coolness. That’s it. The rest of the kitchen is … well, you don’t want to know.

Anyway, after sweating a lot there, I always find my skin really roughened around my neck, in the cheeks and forehead. Just looking at my skin, I can’t see anything abnormal … it is not red and not blister-like at all. But if I feel my skin, it is awfully rough where it sweats a lot. I thought this could be called “sweat rash,” but I’m not sure because it doesn’t show “the eruption of small red papules” as mentioned on some online medical dictionary sites. Every year this happens, and it subsides if I don’t work there for a couple of days and cures completely when the weather becomes cooler. So I’m not too worried, but I sure don’t like touching the roughened parts of my skin when I wash my face.
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I get the same thing in the heat...especially in the humid heat. I went to a dermatologist who brushed me off quite quickly and called it a form of eczema. He gave me some cortizone cream and sent me away....
The cream didn't help and as with you, as soon as the weather cooled off, the rash disappeared... Hmmmm. I hate going to doctors. 

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Eczema! Right. That must be what it is. I'm so glad that your Dr. didn't say something scary like "This may turn into skin cancer eventually."
I hate going to doctors, too, esp. dentists, unless they are damn good looking or something. Oh but in case of dentists, I can't see their faces well because they wear masks... :( 

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