Thursday, June 09, 2005


Today is my complete day off and the weather is so fine --- pretty hot but not very humid, with occasional refreshing breeze. I got up at 8:00am this morning and decided to make today a good domestic day. Before breakfast, I prepared a “things to do” list and put a quick grocery shopping and 100-yen goods hunting on top of it. Those were the things I wanted to do before it got too hot outside. Fridge/Freezer cleaning was another thing I definitely wanted to do today. Making chicken stock was the #3 on the list.

Now it’s around noon. I’m taking a break, sitting in front of my laptop, smelling a nice aroma from the chicken stock simmering in the kitchen and eating the ice cream that has to be consumed for the purpose of freezer cleaning. I left the window to the balcony and the kitchen door open to let the nice breeze in. The electric fan is also helping. Some of the groceries I bought this morning are sitting on the kitchen table and some are stored in the fridge. My futon is drying outside in the balcony. All these small things are so healing…

Looking back now, I have been a little absent-minded for the last couple of weeks. It was the time that some complicated issues were brought up at my daytime work and my colleague asked me to cover for her for 2 days at the izakaya. It did not necessarily make me too busy or too stressed, but somehow, I got so disorganized. In the past 10 days, I lost (or misplaced) my hat, my umbrella, my favorite ball-point pen, my 5 ml measuring spoon and what was worst, a folder of files that I had on my laptop. This last one really annoyed me, because I have no idea how and when I deleted it. Anyway, losing that many things in a row was quite discouraging. It was just enough to tell myself, “OK, I need to take a break and get a hold of myself.”

Maybe taking a long vacation and going abroad could work best for this kind of symptoms ;) but for now, I’ll be satisfied with this least expensive remedy: Cooking/eating some dishes that bring me back some fond memories, and thinking about the clean fridge and freezer with no mystery-packs to feel great satisfaction.

OK. Time to go back to the kitchen ;)

posted by obachan, 6/09/2005 12:37:00 PM


Isn't it wonderful to have a day off? Your day sounds quite familiar to my days off!!! Ha ha.
Try not to stress too much. It catches up with you when you don't have time to think and rest....I find I lose things all the time. They turn up sooner or later...usually later when I don't need them anymore.
I also have 2 jobs and sometimes I find myself heading to the wrong job..ha ha....part older age, part not paying attention to the day...By the way, the photograph of the flowers is beautiful...Your yard?  

Posted by Carlyn
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6/09/2005 8:48 PM  
Hi Carlyn,
So glad to find that I'm not the only one who keeps losing things ;)
The photo is the view of the small vacant lot right outside my apartment. Someone planted those flowers last year, I heard, but don't know what they are called. The bike is mine. 

Posted by obachan
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6/12/2005 2:45 PM  
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