Thursday, March 24, 2005


OK, it's coming soon... I'm going to be one year older pretty soon...

I’m making a plan to do something nice to myself on my birthday. It’s a day that requires something really nice and special …
... to cope with the crisis of getting one year older ;P
posted by obachan, 3/24/2005 12:28:00 AM


Not just a year older, but a year wiser and a year more experience and more mature and still growing to learn and enjoy. 

Posted by lance
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3/24/2005 7:29 AM  
Happy birthday, obachan. I hope you have a great day! Be sure to let us all know what you get up to - and enjoy yourself, whatever it is you've got planned. =) 

Posted by Darkling
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3/25/2005 12:02 AM  
Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear obachan. Happy birthday to you and many more. :^) Have yourself a very nice birthday. 

Posted by lance
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3/25/2005 3:06 AM  
Thank you, lance and Darkling
I had a nice birthday with a homemade birthday cake  and lots of birthday wishes from my blog friends all over the world! And I’m going to have a couple of drinks with my friends tonight.


Posted by obachan
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 3/26/2005 6:59 PM  

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