Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I wonder how many readers of my foodblog have noticed the change in the photos there. Those who click on the photos to see the enlarged versions may know that I have a new camera now, because they can see the filenames of the photos briefly.

Yes, I bought a new compact digital camera the other day as part of the preparation for my moving to my hometown. I plan to continue blogging there and will be taking loads of photos both inside and outside the house in order to share the life in the real Japanese countryside with readers worldwide. But I don't want to bring my big camera everywhere I go, especially when I take some shots of what we do on the beach or in the orchard.

So I had been doing a little research on a compact digital camera that can take photos of decent quality and has good macro function. I'm so crazy about blurring the background, so a good macro is "the must" for me. (I know that compact digital cameras are not good at blurring background, but I want the best they can do.) Finally I found the one I like and bought it online, then sold my old digital cameras yesterday. Now I'm learning the functions of my new camera beyond the AUTO mode. LOL

Today is a national holiday here in Japan and I have the whole day off. I had plenty of time to do the dishes, do the laundry, cook/bake AND practice photo-taking almost all day. Great. Here's some photos I took today.

(Ricoh R10)

Pretty good macro for a compact digital camera, isn't it?
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