Saturday, September 06, 2008


First day of two-day holidays before a devastating week. Nice weather. Gosh, I've got to enjoy every minute of these holidays, don't I?

So, as a starter, I spent the whole morning at a fishing port and on the beach today, trying to catch fish. Though what I actually did was feeding fish and retrieving the bait that wasn't even touched by any fish, I still enjoyed the morning. The weather was nice with refreshing wind, and having breakfast on the beach was quite healing. It wasn't a waste of time, after all.

My plan for the afternoon: taking a nap, finishing laundry and shredding my old documents as I watch the TV programs which I videotaped on weekdays but didn't have time to watch. Productive, huh?

And somewhere in these holidays, I'm going to spend some time at a manga-internet cafe to pamper myself. It's such a shame that my favorite place (which had a real good massage chair) closed at the end of August. To me it was sad and a little shocking news, too. Rumour has it that Daiso 100yen shop and manga-internet cafe are the only things that are in a good shape even when our economy is down like this. But the economy must be really, really down here in Kochi... And our prime minister resigned just like that. Hey, even we part-time workers have to tell our boss one month in advance when we quit a job. What's wrong with this country?

Oh, BTW, these photos do not have anything to do with this post. I took these shots when I went for a walk the other day. Maybe I'll practice shooting some more tomorrow. Mmm.... maybe some special baking or cooking, too. Oh, I wouldn't mind having a couple of more holidays!
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