Saturday, February 09, 2008


So, yes, I got a daytime job. But I don’t feel like going “hurray!!” because I remember how it was when I got my previous job at the bento shop which closed last month. I was like “Hurray! I got a job! I know there’s gonna be a big challenge but I’ll do my best.” And I drew hundreds of bento illustrations at home every day to memorise how to pack different kinds of bentos. OK, I exaggerated. Not hundreds, but at least more than 10 illustrations every day.

But the staff there quit one after another. The work shift got chaotic. One week I worked seven days a week. Many times I had to prepare the food that I was never taught how to cook. Many times I went to work one hour earlier than when I was expected to be at work because the workload was too much. And the worst thing was that after all that hard work, I couldn’t feel rewarded in any way. But at least I got paid for that so I guess I should be happy.

Starting this coming Tuesday, at my new job at a nearby supermarket, I’ll be cooking take-home side dishes from 7 am to 11 am, or longer. Well, at least, that was what I was told at the interview last week. But I'm ready for surprises -- not necessarily pleasant ones. I hate to sound pessimistic, but right now I just don’t feel like picturing a rosy future… Maybe the weather is making me feel this way now. It’s cold, it’s raining, and I need to go to the dentist’s this morning. Yeah, I’m trying to get several things done before I get busy working two jobs a day. I also had my hair dyed and cut yesterday.

... How long would I have to keep juggling two jobs to live a low-income life like this? I often feel like yelling, "Enough!"

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