Thursday, November 16, 2006


In the past several weeks, a series of suicides by students and even school principals has been reported. We hear about school children committing suicide one after another because of the bullying they experienced at school. One principal killed himself after his school was found to be one of those that skipped teaching some required courses. Another did so after being accused for not properly reporting a bullying incident to the city education board.

After making extensive coverage on this suicide issue, now the media seems to be paying more attention to the fact that the media coverage itself is a risk factor in imitative suicides. I saw a TV news program featuring “media guidelines on reporting of suicide” the other day, though briefly. Good thing that what deserves attention is finally gaining attention.

Matsuzaka (a Japanese baseball player) is going to the Major League. The Boston Red Sox’s bidding price is said to be apx. 51 million dollars. --- Wow!!

I bought a new kotatsu buton (blanket for kotatsu) today. It was the cheapest one I could find at EAON. It's finally getting cold here in Kochi...
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Hi obachan, quite a range of thoughts today! All those suicides are so sad. I know here newspapers and TV limit coverage of suicides to discourage others from picking up on the idea.

Boston Red Sox--my home team! Wow, 51 million is a lot!

I think a kotatsu buton would be a good idea in our house right about now, we often wander around the house wrapped in blankets...
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I'm Alice. I came across your blog by chance when I was surfing the net for oyako donburi. You have so many interests.I saw all your paintings (like a gallery!), "eat" all your cooking and read your articles. I don't think I can call you obachan. I maybe older than you. You arouse my curiosity. Are you a Japanese?
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Hi obachan...

Why must they killed themselves?
is that anything to do with samurai stories?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11/20/2006 10:18 AM  
Hi Amanda. Looks like it's going to take a while for the entire Japanese media to change their attitude regarding the suicide coverage.
BTW, the sports authority here has moved the red sox sweatshirts to the front. It's going to be a popular team here pretty soon.

Hello! Thank you for stopping by and leaving a nice comment. I'm happy that you enjoyed my blogs.
Yes, I'm a Japanese, as you can tell from my "Engrish." ;)

Perhaps it is true that in Japan samurai's philosophy glorified death in certain situations in the past. But I guess the recent suicede cases by the young students are different -- to me, they seem to be seeing suiceide as the only way to make their pain known. It's really sad that nothing could convince them that there are other alternatives...
commented by Blogger obachan, 11/21/2006 10:05 AM  
>Hi obachan...

>Why must they killed themselves?
>is that anything to do with >samurai stories?

them = the principals, i meant ;)
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Er..obachan or oba chan?
You surprised me by your superb English. It is perfect! Please drop by when you are free. I am also living in Japan.
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I am so sorry, I was in a hurry. I forgot to tell you that the comment just now was from me, Alice.
commented by Blogger wonda, 11/21/2006 4:02 PM  
Perhaps from feeling extremely guilty? Couldn’t stand the accusation? I guess only they knew the truth.

Thanks. What part of Japan do you live?
commented by Blogger obachan, 11/28/2006 11:10 AM  

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