Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Well, my laptop broke last Saturday and it will take at least two weeks to have it fixed. Two weeks without internet access? No way. So now I’m using the one that I've been keeping as a back-up machine. It is working fine, at least, but all those bookmarks I made on the other laptop…!! I don’t even want to think about re-doing all of them on this laptop.

photo001OK, about this photo:
These are a few of the kimono costumes used for a musical this spring. In the beginning of the season I did some stitching/taping work on them and attached hooks here and there to make quick changes easier and to prevent them from getting loose while dancing. In addition, I made a pre-tied obi (special tie for Japanese kimono) from a regular obi the musical group bought at a used kimono shop.

The obi material broke the needle of the sewing machine a couple of times and I hurt tips of my fingers from hand-stitching, and you know what? The costume work was only less than 1/3 of all the work I needed to do for the musical

Anyway, now all the stitching and taping I did are removed, and a couple of light kimono were hand-washed. Those that require special professional wash were sprayed with generous amount of febreze (I can't afford the professional wash) and now they are being hung dried in my room. The sight really tells me that IT’S OVER … *sigh*

Helping with this musical keeps me rather busy in spring every year, but I do gain a lot from it. For one thing, it gives me an opportunity to take a break from having to behave like a typical Japanese, but that’s not the only advantage. It really expands my knowledge. Now I can understand the jokes about “two nuns and soap” and “an architect and a housemaid,” and I also learned where the word “mayday” came from. See? Obachan is learning...
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