Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Last weekend I visited my parents’ house and picked oranges in my dad’s orchard with my parents.

In my hometown, oranges are grown on the mountain slope close to the ocean. It is our privilege to enjoy the nice view of the ocean as we pick oranges in the orchard.

Ponkan (Citrus reticulata blanco) orange trees.

Buntan (Citrus grandis) orange trees. We are not picking buntan until January or later.

We picked ponkan oranges all afternoon and dad brought them down to the storage house.

These are young konatsu orange trees covered with straw (to prevent them from freezing?)

On Sunday morning, we sorted the ponkan oranges according to size. To sort them into S, M, L, 2L and 3L size groups, we used the wood plate with different-sized holes, which has been handed down from my grandpa's generation.

I heard that it snowed a lot in Kochi city that weekend, but this is how the ocean and the sky looked on Sunday in Muroto.

Aloe flowers

The big rocks near the mountain are called myoto-iwa (wedded rocks).
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