Tuesday, September 06, 2005


After all, Nabi is not going to hit Kochi directly, but it’s taking the worst course for the residents of Kyushu, I guess. The island has been on the right side of the slow-moving typhoon all the way…

Though not extremely terrible, I still hear the storm outside raging. Both my daytime and night-time work was cancelled, and I’ve been trying to use this unexpected and UNPAID holiday as constructively as possible. Guess what I did all day today. I cleaned the closet and threw bunch of old craps into a huge garbage bag. I also started working on the kitchen closet, too, but I got exhausted when I was about half-way through. Right now I’m sitting in front of my laptop, trying to ignore the mess in the kitchen.

My herbs are in the bathroom now. Well, more precisely, about 1/3 of them are in the bathroom (bathtub) and the rest is on the stairs near the entrance, protected from the wind. This way the entire bathroom is not occupied by the plants and I can at least take a shower. It was such a bummer to bring all those planters from the balcony last night. Let’s not think about putting them back on the balcony again tomorrow…

It feels strange to be able to see the TV programs that I cannot see on normal days. The wind is still pretty strong outside, and I'm getting hungry. It's been a long day.
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Hope all is well with the plants and with you!!! Stay safe. Enjoy the free time!! ha ha. 

Posted by carlyn
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9/08/2005 12:29 AM  
My plants and I survived alright, after all. Thanks for your
concern :) 

Posted by obachan
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