Sunday, September 04, 2005


Saturday Sep. 3 Late afternoon

I visited my parents in Muroto this weekend. The ocean was so rough because of the typhoon Nabi approaching. It must be a real big and strong one to cause such high waves already a few days before it is expected to come. (The weather forecast says it would hit Japan on Sep. 6th.) On my way to my parents’ house Saturday evening on a bus, I saw big waves almost washing the route 55 along the coast in one part of Muroto city. From this evening on, at the time of high tide, they probably will close that part of the road and divert the traffic to the old prefectural road.

Saturday Sep. 3 Late afternoon

I decided to visit my parents this weekend because I couldn’t do so in August in the bon period when people are supposed to come home to commemorate ancestors. The decision was made Friday night at the last minute, and I didn’t bother to phone them before I got on the bus ;P So my parents were surprised to see me Saturday evening. Anyway, this was a belated “obon” visit and also a chance to dig up my childhood photos to post on my foodblog.

Saturday night, in the living room, I spent a few hours digging in a dusty closet for old family albums. It is always nice to revisit old memories, but this time I accidentally found something I’d never seen before, which made this visit rather special.
I’ll write about it in my next post :)

Sunday Sep. 4, around 10 a.m.
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What beautiful photographs....and the ocean is so grand!!!!! I hope the weather stays kind to the people, too.... 

Posted by carlyn
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Thanks. I do hope so, too... 

Posted by obachan
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