Monday, August 01, 2005


It’s finally August! One more week (almost) to the festival.

This morning I prepared a list of things I should do this week to get ready for the festival.

* Get up before 8:30am every morning.
* Have at least 5 hours sleep every day. Use antihistamine if necessary. Do not use alcohol to sleep.
* Jog for at least 15 minutes and practice the dance for at least 15 minutes every day.
* Do icing after practice.
* Drink amino acid sports drink after jogging/dancing.
* Do not skip any meal.

OK, you can laugh at me, but I’m dead serious. I’m going to dance in the daytime under the direct sunlight when the temperature is above 35 degrees celcius. On the asphalted street it’d be close to 40 C. Maybe we would dance at 5 to 7 venues a day, for apx.15 – 30 minutes each. But that’s not all… we’d mostly have to stay in the sunlight when waiting to dance. And we do it for 2 days in a row.

Seriously, it’s not a piece of cake. Before I worry about the quality of my dance, I have to survive. So, I need to take good care of myself this week. At my age, guts alone is not enough when going for a challenge.
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Remember to get plenty of sleep....5HR??? Not enough..ha ha...Bring plenty of fluids to drink...You will do fine...Have a great time and good luck...Such fun!!!!
A cold towel kept in a cooler would help with the heat. 

Posted by Carlyn
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Thanks. I'll have fun :) 

Posted by obachan
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