Saturday, January 29, 2005


The issue of imperial accession is being discussed a lot recently.
I’m 100% in favor of a female emperor. I simply do not see any reason why not. And if they do decide to change the law, I support the idea of “the first child, regardless of gender, succeeding the throne.”

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According to the results of a Mainichi Shimbun survey published in the Mainichi Daily News, looks like the majority of Japan's people agrees with you. "Nearly nine in 10 people are in favor of allowing female members of the Imperial Family to succeed to the Imperial Throne, according to the results of a Mainichi Shimbun survey". I feel that way in every aspect of life. Whomever can do the job the best should do the job. No matter what gender. 

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Hi lance,

What’s so unique about this argument is that people don’t seem to care much about whether the heir can do the job or not. Seems like the focus is on how well the relationship by blood can be succeeded and be continued in the future. Rumor has it that some executives in the Imperial Household Agency are thinking about asking the crown prince and princess to adopt a male child from former royal members. It must be really hard for the princess... 

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