Thursday, November 11, 2004


After having sunny days for more than a week, it’s pouring today. I was thinking about another sketching excursion, because the busiest time of the month in the office is over now and today is my complete day-off, but I had to call it off. It’s nothing unusual to have some rainy days in November, but what’s unusual is it’s still very warm this year. The leaves are not turning colors as much as they do in normal years, but instead just turning brown and falling off the trees. There’s no need for Kotatsu (table with heater to warm feet) yet; actually, I don’t have my socks on now but I’m not feeling cold at all.

Anyway, the depressing weather usually brings back my old habit of nibbling on yummies while reading books. For me those always have to come together. Like a Pavlov’s dog, I’m classically conditioned to crave for food when I open a book (not including difficult textbooks), and crave for something to read when I have food in front of me. I know this may sound awfully pathetic, but I HAVE TO have something to read when I eat alone, either in my apartment or at restaurants. Well, actually, when I eat my meals alone in my apartment, I have the TV on and a book in front of me. Believe me, I can fully enjoy meals and at the same time follow both the story of the TV drama and the story in the book. Does this sound like a description of really pitiful single life of a middle-aged woman? I would think so if I hear someone else doing that, but it is actually…. comfortable, for me.

Maybe I’m not the only one who loves reading and eating at the same time. That could be one of the reasons why Manga & Internet cafes are so popular in Japan. Unlike libraries, we are allowed to eat and drink while we read there, you know.

Of course I don’t read when I eat with someone else, and it’s not painful or anything. It’s not too hard to switch between “self-pampering mode” and “enjoy-the-company-of others mode.” And it certainly helps to have some ways to pamper yourself, doesn’t it? In my junior-high school days, it was reading Agatha Christie’s books and eating my favorite foods. I’ll write more about how I enjoyed her work in my next post….

Oh, the rain stopped and now I see the sunshine!

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Thanks. At least I’m glad that I don’t have to keep blaming others or life for not making me happy all the time.
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