Wednesday, September 08, 2004


It’s a wonderful day today -- a typical nice sunny day we usually have after a typhoon passed! Bright sunshine and refreshing breeze. Not too cold, not too hot.

The typhoon No. 18, the one we had this time, was even stronger than the one we had at the end of August. I’ve never heard of one that kept 945 hPa after landing on Kyushu or Shikoku, but this one did. BTW, typhoons these days seem to have Asian names. According to the internet, the Asian name of No.18 was Songda which is the name of a river in Viet Nam. (Digital Typhoon) I like Asian names better than "NO. XX." I found the list of names adopted by the typhoon committee. List of names.. No. 16 was called CHABA which means “hibiscus” in Thai language. Oh this is the name of my favorite band, too! The site says Japan proposed the names of constellations, but "Typhoon koppu"....hhmmmmm.... With the word "Koppu" I think of "a glass" rather than "the Crater."

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