Tuesday, August 31, 2004


According to the TV news, the typhoon is now approaching Hokkaido. Hope it doesn’t cause much damage there like it did yesterday.

It was a terrible typhoon, and probably the strongest one I experienced since I came back from Kansai in 2000. Usually typhoons get weakened by the time they land on Kyushu or Shikoku, but the one we had this time maintained a central atmospheric pressure of 960 to 965 hectopascals while it moved up through Kyushu – Chubu area. Very unusual, I think. I guess the “global warming” is surely in progress!!

Last night, the wind was really terrible until about 9:00pm or 9:30pm here. My friend in nearby town emailed me from his mobile phone and said their power went down. He wrote that he was eating ice cream in the dark because it was melting in the fridge, and we sent some emails back and forth joking about it. I’d say mobile phones are a great invention to be useful in time of disaster…. provided that their batteries are fully charged beforehand.

Now we have a nice sunny day here toady!! I just finished doing my laundry and dishes. It really feels good to keep the windows open and enjoy the nice wind coming in. All of my herbs are outside now, trying to catch up with the photosynthesis they missed yesterday. Today is going to be my cleaning/ washing/shopping day. Oh, and I have to return the video that was due yesterday!! Can’t they be nice to me and say “It’s OK. Typhoon was so terrible yesterday. No one could’ve gone outside to return videos. So we won’t charge you for overdue”? No????

Oh, I forgot to add this!! Sorry!!
To those who sent me kind emails and comments about this typhoon,
My apartment and my parents’ house survived without any serious damage. We are OK. Thank you so much for your concern.

I just got back from the rental video shop. Yeah, they said that!! They said they were closed yesterday because of the typhoon, so they won’t charge overdue fee for videos that were due yesterday. Wow!!!
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