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This blog is basically about my hobbies: watercolor painting, cooking/baking, shooting pool and growing herbs. As you'll find out soon, I'm nothing more than just a beginner in all of these, and a slow learner, too. Well, I've got my whole lifetime to improve, so I'm not too worried. If you are looking for an "eternal beginner" to make you feel better about yourself, you're at the right place! :)

In addition, there'll be my soliloquies expressing what I did, thought and felt in my semi-secluded(?) life in a small city in Japan.

I'm keeping this blog to practice my 2nd and 3rd language: English and Korean. Well, more precisely, Korean is going to be my 3rd language sometime in the future. :P Anyway, I thought that if I kept this blog in these languages, the responses I get wouldn't be limited to those from Japanese language users only. Boy, isn't that exciting?! Oh, feel free to correct my mistakes --- I won't fall apart (hopefully).

One problem: I was going to post the photos of my watercolor painting, but somehow it doesn't work !!! The photos were taken with the lousy camera on my cell phone (because I don't have a digital camera, yet), and I can't get them on this blog!! Ahhhhhhh.... I'll try to find a way to show my paintings somehow. Until then, please be patient.

감사합니다 (Thank you.)

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Dont know if you can read this comment as this is quite dated one. Actually I have been enjoying your blogs abt one month , be it food, your scribbles or watercolor, after coincidentally flown from other blog, and today my company e-mail is down and still cannot download emails so I am just killing time and have read your old post... wanted to read from the very first one. Dragged down to the bottom and suddenly 감사합니다 came to my eyes and so shocked. Wow... It is quite difficult to learn a foreign language if you dont live in the context as I felt when I learned Mandarine, but good luck! Hope you still learn it. Unfortunately I cannot leave my blog address as it is diary and too private so you wont see any interesting pieces of articles/pics/recipes and so on. I am planning to build another blog for my hobbies and hopefully when it is ready to go public, hope I can let you know.  

Posted by Kate
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6/22/2005 10:25 AM  
Hi Kate,

Well, I managed to find your comment ;) Thanks for leaving a nice message to the very first post of my blog. I don’t know if you meant this or not but you did a lot to me by bringing me back to this starting point. It made me realize the enthusiasm I had at that time. I hate to say this but my Korean study is in a rather long break right now… I’m pretty sure that I’ll start it again sometime in the near future, though.

Maybe I have made some improvements since the time I started this blog, but some things have been forgotten or lost, I suppose. It’s the advantage of keeping a log of what you did/thought --- you can always come back and check on them, right?

Thank you again for taking me here. I hope to hear from you when you start blogging about your hobbies :) 

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commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6/23/2005 7:54 PM  

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