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2nd week at work (17 days after surgery and later)

This week, my feet were firmly on the ground, but I felt more tired when at work than the first week. Also I felt a bit strange in my abdomen. No, I didn’t feel pain in the wounds, but it was more like deep muscles there were sore …like your muscles suffer after having too much exercise, more on the second day than the first day. You know what I mean?

That weekend, I tried my first beer in my room. Very important experiment, right? Absolutely no problem. ;)

The incisions were healing alright except the one on the left. :( That one had a little problem from the beginning, but to make things worse, I scratched it in the previous week when half asleep, and the small scab-like thing on top came off. Since then, every day I cleaned the wound thoroughly with disinfectant (containing Benzethonium chloride) and kept it dry as much as possible. You know, the traditional method.

I know. Some of you probably want to say something here, but hold it until you get to the end, please. ;) I took care of the left incision that way so very carefully, but Gosh, no improvement at all! And because of the Band-Aid I always put on it, I developed a rash all around the wound. AHHHH!! Not a serious problem, but annoying enough.

But it didn’t keep me from going out with my colleague that weekend to enjoy Korean dinner AND BEER! :D

June 4, 2007

More than 20 days after surgery, when I thought I was back to normal except the left incision, a colleague sitting close to me at the daytime job cleaned her desk pad with thinner. It made me terribly sick. You know, headache, nausea and sensation around the molars again… I had to go home right away and rest for a couple of hours in bed before my nighttime job. It’s been 20 days and I’m still not completely recovered? Unbelievable! Man, this is definitely different from any “recovery” I’ve experienced before from diseases like flue or intestinal catarrh.

And it was just the night before my last hospital visit when I accidentally found out about “moist wound healing” on the net! OMG! What have I been doing for the past couple of weeks???

June 8, 2007 – Last hospital visit apx. 1 month after surgery –

My last transv. ultrasound in 2007, unless something unexpected happens (because doc said I don’t need to come back until next year to check on my fibroids). No problem was found.

I told doc about my left incision. He looked at it and said that the problem was not serious and the wound would heal alright, but it was taking a little too long. I was prescribed Prostandin 0.003% oint.
And that was the end of the treatment for my Pinoko, mature cystic teratoma. (My doc did say that I could come again if the problem with the incision did not improve, though.)

Back in my room, I threw away the disinfectant (there wasn’t much left anyway) and started making normal saline. Yep, I googled and found out the proportion: apx. 1 teaspoonful salt (4.5 g) for 500 mL water. I wanted to try the new (to me, at least) treatment that I read about on the net.

I rinsed the left incision with the saline and put a little amount of Prostandin into the open wound but not around it. Then I covered the wound with a small piece of plastic food wrap. (Considering the hygiene in my kitchen, I had wiped the food wrap piece with ethanol and dried it completely before placing it over the wound.) To absorb the exudates and pus leaking from the edge of the plastic wrap, I first applied a little bigger piece of gauze over and taped it. But taping was making the rash worse, so later I used a much bigger piece of gauze so that I could hold it with my underwear without taping. :P

Outrageous, you say? But actually this idea is similar to what some health care providers do in Japan for the treatment of certain stages (not all) of pressure ulcer. Oh, we do have film dressings here in Japan, too, but they are REALLY expensive! Besides, some say that plastic wrap is better for certain cases because it allows excess pus ooze out from the edge of the wrap. So this treatment seems to be gaining popularity now among professionals, especially caregivers of the elderly in Japan.

I don’t mean to advocate this therapy here on my blog, but just to tell you the result of my attempt: In five days, new tissue started growing and filling the wound. I’m writing this part on June 16th and now I see much less exudates, absolutely no pus, and the wound is almost closing up. The edge of the wound is looking healthier in pinkish color. Probably I won't need the plastic wrap next week. And thank goodness, the rash is almost gone. :)

Now I don’t wake up at 4:30 am any more. I can bleach as many dishcloths as I want without getting sick, and I feel happy when the smell of celery in chicken stock fills my kitchen. And yesterday I did some stretching exercise which I avoided while I had Pinoko. Soon I'll be doing sit-ups to tighten up my abs. ;)


Well, it has been about a month since I came back from the hospital, and almost everything seems to be back to normal, even the incision with a little problem. So I guess this is a good time to put a closure on this Pinoko series which carried on for several months.

Just because this 5 cm tomboy (I'm watching the pic now) came into my life, I got thrown into an extraordinary experience and learned loads of new things. And I guess the experience changed me in some ways, though I don’t know exactly how... My room is cleaner now, and I have bought a few things that I’d been interested but couldn’t make up my mind to buy. Perhaps now I’m eager to make my life more comfortable to myself. (Or it’s just my sense of money is numb after an extraordinary experience? Dangerous!) Anyways, it feels great not having to worry about ovarian torsion all the time!
-- I regained freedom. --
And I’m thinking about taking a Yoga lesson someday.

Good bye, Pinoko. I’m glad that you happened in my life, and are gone now.

P.S. For the record: The private insurance company paid me about a week ago, and it covered ALL the expenses. YAY!!

- End -


こ の週にはもう地に足が着いた感じになったけど、職場での最初の週より疲労感は大。それとお腹チョット変な感じ。いや傷の痛みはないんやけど、もっと深いと ころの筋肉が筋肉痛、みたいな。運動しすぎた後、1日目より2日目のほうが筋肉痛がひどくなったりする、ちょうどそんな感じ、ってわかります?


傷 は、左のヤツ以外は問題ナシ。左のは、もともとチョット問題あったのに、前の週、寝ぼけたときに掻きむしって、かさぶたみたいなのを剥いでしまったんで す。それ以降、毎日、塩化ベンゼトニウムの消毒剤でていねいに消毒して、できるだけ乾かすようにしてました。ありがちでしょ。



術 後20日以上たって、もう元に戻ったかな(左の傷以外は)と思った頃、昼間の仕事で近くに座ってる人が、デスクパッドをキレイにするのにシンナーで拭きま した。それでまた撃沈。例の、頭痛、吐き気、奥歯の浮く感じ…。すぐ帰らせてもらって、夜の仕事の前に1,2時間横になりました。もう20日も経つのにま だ元に戻ってないって?信ジラレナイ!こりゃホンマに、昔インフルエンザとか腸カタルやった時の「回復」とはだいぶ違うわ…。


6月8日 術後役1ヵ月後、最後の受診日



部 屋に帰って、消毒剤は捨てて(もうほぼ残ってなかったし)、生理食塩水を作りました。ググって作り方調べましたもん。500 mLの水に塩小さじ1 杯弱(4.5 g)。ネットで調べた、新しい治療の仕方を試したかったんです。新しい、ってまぁ私にとっては、ってことで。知ってる人は知ってますよね。

左 の傷を生食で洗って、傷口だけにもらった軟膏を塗って、食品用ラップを小さく切ったやつを貼り付け。(ウチの台所の衛生状態を考 えて、ラップの切れは、貼る前に一応消毒用アルコールで拭いて完全に乾かしました。)ラップの端から出てくる浸出液とか膿を吸わせるのに、一まわり大きい ガーゼ でその上から覆ってテープでとめる。でもテープでカブレがひどくなったので、もっと大きいガーゼに変えて、テープを使わず下着ではさんで抑えるようにしま し た。

とんでもないことすると思います?けどこれ、ある種の(全部ではない)ステージの褥瘡の治療に使われる方法に近いんですよ。もち ろ んフィルムドレッシングとかって売ってるのもあるけど、値段がやたら高い!しかも傷によっては、ラップの端から余計な膿が出て除かれる方がいい、 という場合もあるらしくて、ラップを使う方法は介護職の人などの間で広まってるみたいです。

このブログで特にこの方法を宣伝するつも りはないけど、試したことの結果を一応書いておくと、5日で新しい組織が出来て盛り上がってきて、傷ふさがってきました。このへんは6月16日に書いて るけど、その時点で、浸出液ずっと少なくなって、膿は完全にナシ、傷はほとんどふさがって、傷口の縁はピンク色になってます。たぶん来週はもうラップ要ら ないでしょう。傷の周りのカブレもほぼ治ってます。

今 はもう朝4時半に目覚めることもなく。フキンも何枚でも漂白できるし、チキンストックにセロリ入れて香りがキッチンに溢れるとシアワセ気分です。昨日は、 ピノコがいる間ずっと避けてたストレッチをやってみました。そのうち、ポッコリしてきたお腹を引き締めるため、腹筋始めますよ腹筋。;)



今、 写真見てるけど、この5センチのやんちゃ娘が私の人生にあらわれたせいで、いやおうなく、日常と全く違う体験させられて、新しいことを山ほど学びまし た…。たぶんこの体験で、私もいくらか変わったかも。どう変わったかはイマイチわかりませんが。

今、私の部屋は前より片付いてて、前からいいなと思って たけど思い切って買えなかったモノをいくつか買ってしまいました。自分の生活をもっと快適にするのに積極的になったのかも。(それか、単に非日常な体験した後で金銭感覚がマヒしてるだけか。-危険!) 



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