Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The internet is great. Blogging is wonderful. They bring people together and broaden your horizons. These are the things I have learned in the last couple of years sitting in front of my laptop every day. But when I actually meet people I got acquainted through blogging, those findings seem even more convincing to me.

Yesterday at Hirome in Kochi city, I met Ian, a nice English guy who occasionally visits my blog(s), and his lovely wife, Misa-san. I have been enjoying their blogs, but chatting with them was much more fun! Especially when we chatted sitting on a funny sofa at a café. (Sorry, inside joke.) ;)

They brought me huge boxes of English tea and four jars of marmalade, all of which were the brands we can hardly find in Japan, I suppose. What a privilege! I’m definitely going to make myself a special breakfast pretty soon.
Oh, I love blogging!
posted by obachan, 8/08/2006 11:52:00 PM


Hi Obachan, let me just say the feelings are mutual, we both enjoyed meeting you very much and thank you so much for the gifts, we both feel you are a very talented lady and destined for great things. Sorry I did not stay long to chat with you today when I met you in town(I was badly in need of the toilet but was to embaressed to say so) see you at Yosakoi:) your friends Ian and Misa
commented by Blogger demon, 8/09/2006 6:31 PM  
Oh, hi! It was nice meeting you. Sorry I stopped you when you were in an emergency situation ;)

I posted about the special breakfast on my foodblog. Hope you have a chance to take a look.

Enjoy your stay in Kochi! :D
commented by Blogger obachan, 8/10/2006 1:51 AM  
Obachan, you have a very nice and beautiful blog. Your English writing is very well. Doing dishes is kind of waste to your talent. Thank you for sharing Japanese culture.
commented by Blogger Jade Beauty, 8/20/2006 4:56 AM  
Hi jade beauty,
Thanks for your nice comment. I like the dishwashing job, though I don't want it to be the one and only work I do for living.
One of these days I might get paid for sharing Japanese culture with the rest of the world ;)
commented by Blogger obachan, 8/22/2006 11:43 AM  
This is my frist comments I don't want it to be the one and only work I do for living.
commented by Anonymous Sanjay, 4/16/2008 4:23 PM  

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