Wednesday, July 05, 2006


It was an unbelievably slow night at our kaiseki place last night. Maybe it had something to do with it being Tuesday, a traditionally slow night of the week, and the rain outside. But at around 9 pm, we started wondering if there was something unordinary going on -- something that made people stay at home and glued them to the TV screen. We joked that maybe North Korea fired missiles towards Japan. Well … they actually did, didn’t they? Except it was several hours after our kaiseki place was closed around midnight.

This morning, I woke up because I heard this extremely heavy rain. I tutted and rolled over in bed, thinking about my towels hanging outside on the balcony and the tomato and blueberry plants there with young fruits. The towels can be washed and dried again, so it is not a big problem. But if the young tomatoes and blueberries fell because of the rain, I would be VERY disappointed. The rain was too hard to open the window, so I decided not to check on the plants then and turned on the TV. And there some guys in suits were talking about the Taepodong 2.

The news said the missiles landed in the Sea of Japan, so I knew my plants were not affected by the weapon just like their caretaker wasn’t. After breakfast, I stepped out on the balcony and found that the terrible rainfall didn't harm the young fruits, either. Thank goodness.

But I have to keep this in mind… Anything can happen these days. ANYTHING.
posted by obachan, 7/05/2006 12:25:00 PM


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