Thursday, September 29, 2005


We’ve experienced the following (fortunately not all at once) and even more in the past 5 to 6 years. One of them happened last weekend to spice us up on a rather slow night.

- Water stopped on a busy Saturday night.
- We ran out of some important ingredients.
- Acute alcohol poisoning (Of course a customer, not a staff.)
- One of the fridges wouldn’t cool.
- One of the gas stoves wouldn’t turn on.
- Microwave sparked and died.
- Laundry machine broke in the middle of winter.
- Sink clogged up on a busy Friday night.
- A big reservation was cancelled only 30 minutes in advance (when all the food was ready).

Life is tough, isn't it? ;P
posted by obachan, 9/29/2005 11:38:00 AM



i am glad that you are experiencing restaurant accidents.
I am hoping to be an investor in an itzkaya that you will open in the state in 2012

you'll know how to handle toughies like these!

commented by Anonymous joanna, 9/30/2005 11:25 AM  
Hi joanna,
Yeah, I’ve learned to have someone else take care of them ;)
commented by Blogger obachan, 10/01/2005 12:33 AM  
When I worked in a restaurant kitchen, we had small disasters all the time. The two worst incidents:

- There was a problem with the gas line running to our huge oven. A gas ball built up inside the oven then EXPLODED... I could see it shooting out of the oven! Fortunately nobody was hurt. We couldn't use the oven for a week.

- Another time, someone left a broom next to the water heater. The pilot light caused a fire and it took two weeks to restore the restaurant to working order.
commented by Anonymous jen, 11/01/2005 10:10 AM  
OMG, you guys have really been tested by fire! Looks like ours are not intense enough. I’ll tell my colleagues that we shouldn’t complain too much. ;)
commented by Blogger obachan, 11/02/2005 12:30 PM  

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