Thursday, May 05, 2005


OK, I know this sounds so stupid and childish, but I just couldn’t stand it today.

As I wrote in my previous entry, a mini live concert was held today as a part of the “historical fair” at Kochi castle. The performer was my favorite singer who had many hits in the late 70s and early 80s. His coming to this small city and having an admission-free live concert was like a dream to some of Kochi citizens around my age, honestly. This guy really IS somebody --- he had joint concerts with Ray Charles several times in Japan.

Anyway, if you’re a middle-aged person, you understand what I mean, don’t you? For us, listening to the hit songs from 70s and 80s means something more than just enjoying the music…it’s being flooded by the bittersweet memories of those days and grieving for the lost dreams we had when we were younger and bolder…

The mini-concert was only 1-hour long so we, at least I, appreciated every single song. He played my two most favorite songs at the end, which made me almost tearful. Then, the city mayor came on stage, thanked him for the great performance, and asked him to play just one more song… OUR favorite song. I was almost freaking out with joy. I’m sure that everyone there was ready for the singer’s husky voice and willing to give a standing ovation at the end.

What happened, however, was that the singer let the mayor sing… just trying to be polite, I suppose… and everyone hoped that the mayor would stop after the first verse, but he sang the whole song! Can you believe it? What would you feel if Eagles came to your town for a free live concert, and the mayor came on stage at the end asking them to play “Hotel California” once again, and sang the whole song instead of Don Henley? A drunk guy went to the stage and gestured to the mayor to quit singing. He was stopped by some guards, but I’m sure everyone was on his side. I WAS.

Well, today the mayor lost some votes for the next election for sure.

Photos from the closing ceremony (not from the live concert)

Boy, today was just full of disappointments… this concert and the strawberry tart I made… and it started raining again at night!

Oh, wait, there WAS one good thing that happened today. I accidentally found a free software called “PhotoFiltre” on the net and downloaded it. Thanks to that software, I managed to make the background image of these posts out of the photo of young green leaves that I took a few days ago. Not too bad for the first attempt.

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