Thursday, February 17, 2005


I felt like more springy template with less flashy colors this time. How's this?

We had such a warm, rainy day yesterday. Perhaps most of the cedar trees are getting ready to be in full bloom soon. :( I need to go to the clinic and get the allergy medicine sometime today. On my way back, I might drop by Kochi castle and see the “plum garden” there, if I have time. Might be able to take some photos there.

OK, I went to the clinic and also went to Kochi castle. The plum trees there were not in full bloom yet. Maybe next weekend (not this coming weekend) would be the best time for plum-blossom viewing?

I love the fragrance of plum blossoms so much.

Pink plum blossoms always remind me of a Japanese manga…. uh, never mind.

On my way back from the plum garden, I dropped by a nearby supermarket. This supermarket is going to close on Feb. 20th, so now they have “special final sale.” I love discount sales indeed, but it was kind of sad to see empty shelves that are not going to be filled any more.
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Hi obachan,

I've been visiting your blogs for a month or two now, and I always enjoy hearing what you have to say (or reading what you have to write, more accurately), as well as seeing the sorts of things you've been cooking.

I like the pink background behind the heading, but I think the sandy/bricky texture makes the blog text harder to read, especially in that dark maroon colour. Just a couple of cents from a reader down in Australia.

Take care, and I hope you enjoy the plum blossoms. =) 

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commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2/20/2005 2:32 PM  
Hi Darkling,

Welcome and thank you for frequenting my site! :D So glad to hear that you enjoy reading what I write. Also thanks for visiting my foodblog, too.
Reg. the background… good point. I myself didn’t really like the sandy/bricky texture behind the text. I felt as if I were writing on a rough wall surface or something.
I made a little change today. How's this? Hope the text is easier to read now. 

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commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 2/20/2005 9:39 PM  
Hi obachan,

Yep, I think that the yellow ridged texture makes the text much more readable. I think it was all the speckling on the other texture that was blending into the text. However, as you pointed out, it did have a sort of 'graffiti' feel to it - quite unconventional!

Though a blog is kind of like graffiti, in a way: putting your thoughts up for the world in general to see. It's our good fortune that your thoughts are worth reading. =) 

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