Saturday, December 04, 2004


It’s finally December! Time for a more winter-like template, right? The leaves on the left are, according to the designer, “yukimachi-zasa” which means bamboo leaves waiting to catch snowflakes. See the snow falling on the bamboo leaves?

The actual weather here isn’t winter-like at all. Absolutely no snowfall. Just pouring rain today. It’s not very cold and I still haven’t turned on my Kotatsu yet. There was a typhoon (Nanmadol) coming towards Japan, I heard, but I guess it’s an extratropical cyclone now. In December! How unusual! Well, this year has been an unusual year anyway. I don’t remember how many times I posted about typhoon and having to move my planters from the balcony to the bathroom.

What’s more unusual (and devastating to me) is, however, coming early next year, I heard. The cedar trees are going to have more flowers in 2005 and the amount of wind-borne pollen is expected to be 30 times more than that of 2004. It’s going to KILL ME. Honestly. I’m going to have to find a good clinic real soon and start taking medicine before the end of this month.

Well, I guess I don’t want to go outside at all today….the rain is getting heavier. The grocery shopping can wait till tomorrow so for today I’ll just stay at home and enjoy my solitude with books and yummies ….and bloghopping, maybe.

posted by obachan, 12/04/2004 10:06:00 AM


Obachan, anata wa sugoii desu!

(: I was bloghopping (I think) and I got to your blog (: I really do enjoy it (what with the extensions to my very limited vocabulary in Japanese...)

I'll be putting a link to your blog on mine, because yours is just so wonderful (:

I have only been to Tokyo.. but I'll wish to go to a "more rural" area when I get older! It sounds great there :D Nostalgia, heh.
commented by Blogger Raen, 12/04/2004 4:17 PM  
Thanks for dropping by and leaving a very nice comment. Your Japanese is very good!! 
Do come visit rural areas in Japan if you have a chance in the future. Maybe a bit inconvenient, but you'll enjoy lots of things you can't find in big cities any more :)
commented by Blogger obachan, 12/04/2004 4:44 PM  
I haven't been in here for a while. I like the winter layout. I spent two winters in Hatchihonmatsu, Hiroshima. Rural indeed. I love Kyoto most. Beautiful!
commented by Blogger missie, 12/05/2004 3:26 AM  
Hi Faze,
Glad that you came again! I’ve never been to Hachihonmatsu, but I’ve been to Kyoto many times. Yeah, it’s a beautiful place.
commented by Blogger obachan, 12/05/2004 9:41 AM  

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