Friday, December 10, 2004


My work-related appointment was cancelled and I got some unexpected free time this afternoon. That gave me time to do what I’ve been thinking about but postponing. Yes. I went to see the doctor.

As I wrote before, there’s a gloomy forecast about the cedar pollen next spring. I was told that I need to start taking medicine a few weeks earlier to be ready when the allergy season comes. The hospital must be less crowded on a weekday, so it’s a perfect opportunity, isn’t it? And I was right. There weren’t many people in the waiting room.

Last year cedar trees had less flowers than usual years, and I thought maybe I could survive without medication if I had plenty of ten-cha (甜茶 sweet tea), yogurt and mackerel. (I’m not kidding. They say on TV that these are the food that helps you fight the pollen allergy.) In early February, I hated myself so much for thinking like that. With full-blown allergy symptoms, I went to the doctor and ended up with a steroid nose spray and 2 kinds of pills. I really want to avoid steroid as much as possible, so this year I want to be more prepared.

The doctor is such a nice person, maybe in his early 30s, but the way he talks always makes me laugh. He always talks to me like I’m 5 years old. Maybe he was a pediatric otolaryngologist before??? It’s hard not to laugh when I hear him talking to a 70-y.o. man with a perfect pediatrician’s tone just changing some words into honorifics.

Anyway, I spent some delightful minutes there with nasal inhaler in my nose and came home with Zyrtec (prescription for 2 wks.) This antihistamine gives me a slight headache when I wake up in the morning, but it’s better than sneezing all day…
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