Thursday, August 05, 2004


We just got hit by a typhoon 5 days ago, then another one came last night. That's too much!! Yes, this prefecture is famous (notorious) for being hit by typhoons frequently. But twice in one week? Give me a break! It must have been a devastating experience for my herbs.

I have 7 planters, large and small, on the balcony. There I'm growing green perilla, sweet basil, thyme, scallion, spearmint(or peppermint? or both?), rhubarb and dill. The sweet basil, mint and scallion are doing just fine. They don't seem to care how much it rains or shines. Thyme is about 30 cm tall now. The rhubarb and dill.....I sowed them very late, in late June this year, which was my 1st mistake, I think. When it got pretty hot and humid in July, they were still small and weak.

When the typhoon came 5 days ago, I put all the planters in my bathroom to let them take shelter from the storm. At that time, the rhubarb and dill looked OK to me. I kept the planters there for 2 days, because this strange typhoon was followed by a terrible thunderstorm which lasted almost all day, on and off. Then I took them out on the balcony again. The next day, I noticed that some of those young plants were turning brown. A few branches of the thyme were turning brown, too.

Then we had hot sunny days, and another typhoon again last night. This typhoon wasn't much stronger than a tropical depression, so this time I didn't put the planters in the bathroom. Maybe this was my 2nd mistake. The typhoon brought almost no rain/wind, but it did bring disgusting humidity.

This morning I found most of the rhubarb and dill dead, and about half of the thyme turned brown!! I must have looked like the person in "The scream" by Edvard Munch. At least, that's the way I felt!

이번 토요이에 가족을 만나러 갑니다. (I'm going to see my family this coming Saturday.)

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